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CRARA Interactive Map

CRARA covers the area bounded by Cross lanes to the West, Epsom Road to the South, Boxgrove Road to the East and the railway line to the North.

The interactive map is being developed by the Conservation Sub Committee to record information that will be used to prepare the case for Local or National Listing of significant buildings and to develop the Crara Design Guide. This will be used to supplement the  SPG Residential Design Guide with guidance specific to this area and hopefully generate the case for extending the Guildford Town Conservation areas, to include CRARA.

The map includes details, photographs and histories of important buildings, open spaces, architecture and streetscapes. It is a large scale map and you will need to use the scroll bars to move around.

Buildings on the map are colour coded

 Building,    Demolished Building

        Pre  1896

        Pre  1914 

        Pre 1935 

        Post 1935

        View Hotspots 

The map is reproduced from the Ordnance Survey by permission of HB Surveyors and Valuers Ltd.

Licence No ES100037784

Many items of interest on the map, are also hotspots. When you hover the mouse pointer over a Hotspot, the cursor changes from an arrow to a pointing hand. Double click on the Hotspot and you will see the details and photographs.

For example find the green spot at the junction of Cranley Road with Cross Lanes. Double click on the green spot for a view along Cranley Road.

Next move to the Orange building on the corner of Cranley Road and Cross Lanes. Double click on the Orange building and you will see a photograph of Cranley Lodge.

The number of Hotspots will increase as we build more information and photographs into the map.

If you have information or photographs to add to the map or you notice any errors or omissions, please send an email to

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