Cross Lanes

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 Cross Lanes is an ancient green lane, running from Cranley Road up to the Downs.

The historic lane is as old as Guildford Castle keep.

A History of Cross Lanes

The lane is a local amenity enjoyed by walkers, joggers, cyclysts and school children, who use it as a traffic free route to the Downs and the three local schools.

The planning application 14/P/01729 "Land to the rear of No 5 Maori Road" Proposes building a new house with access from Cranley Road, via Cross Lanes.

A septic tank is proposed, instead of using the Public Sewer in Easington Place, This is against National Planning Policy Guidelines. Incredably the planning officer recomends contravening National Planning Policy.

The new house will be 170m from Cranley Road. To make access for light vehicles, the sunken lane will be filled in and widened to 2.75m. The ancient hedgrow will be cut back and the green canopy removed, to provide access for the builders vehicles.

The character of Cross Lanes will be totally destroyed and safe access for pedestrians and cyclysts will be denied. The lane has no passing places and 2.75m is not wide enough for a car to safely pass a cyclist. Surrey County Council recommends 4m.

The Fire and Emergency Services objected on the grounds that a Fire Engine could not reach the property. As a result, a 3m wide pedestrian access will be provided from Easington Place for the Fire and Emergency services.

This access, through Easington Place" could be made the main access to the new property, avoiding the need to trash Cross Lanes, avoiding the public expenditure on maintaing Cross Lanes as a vehicular highway and avoiding the occupiers having to carry all deliveries 170m from Cross Lanes.

Apart from saving the Tax Payer money, access through Easington Place would give the new property access to mains drainage, Refuse and Recycling collection, Removal Lorries and deliveries of parcels and couriers direct to their home, just like everyone else in Guildford. 

The developer, supported by the planning officer, recommends trashing the lane to provide a limited access for cars from Cross Lanes. This is crazy in this age of on-line shopping.


What is Happening

Following 28 letters of objection, the planning application was heard by the Planning Commitee on February 18th. 2015. Mathew Cooke (Vanners) and Doug scott (CRARA) spoke against the application. The Councillors agreed to make a site visit on Thursday  26th February at around 10:30 am. The application will be decided at the planning Committee meeting on Wednesday 11th March 2015.

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