Pewley and Merrow Downs Saved!

The threat of development has been lifted
from the Area of Outstanding Natural
Beauty (AONB). Residents from across the
Borough rose up in disbelief at the
Council’s Study that proposed land in the
AONB on the flanks of Merrow and Pewley
Downs should be developed with over 1,800
new homes. The land enjoys the same
protection as a National Park and is much
valued by residents. Thankfully the Council
has listened and amended the report to
remove the label “Potential Development
Area” from parcels E22 and E23.

The “Not So Local” Plan!

Residents’ Associations have continued to work together to provide a common voice as the Borough
prepares a new Local Plan. We have taken a very positive approach to providing housing for local needs,
supporting the high value economy, investment in much needed infrastructure and protecting the character
that is such an important feature of Guildford. However, it has become clear that the process is so
predetermined by national rules that there is very little freedom to come up with solutions that work locally.

Guildford Set to Expand!

With this newsletter, we are circulating a Guildford Residents Association flyer. It describes how the scale
of housing growth being proposed for Guildford in consultants’ reports is so big that it cannot be
accommodated without harming the character of our town and countryside. Please take the trouble to let our
local politicians know how you feel about what is proposed. In the past, when enough of us have spoken
out, reason has prevailed. We hope we can succeed again. We suggest you email our local Councillors
(m a t t . f u r n i s s @ g u i l d f o r d . g o v . u k
; n i k k i . n e l s o n - s m i t h @ g u i l d f o r d . g o v . u k
) with copies to the Council Leader
(S t e p h e n . Ma n s b r i d g e @ g u i l d f o r d . g o v . u k
) and our local MP, Anne Milton ( a n n e . m i l t o n . m p @ p a r l i a m e n t . u k

Please speak out for Guildford
When we do, we make a difference

If you would like to join the CRARA team please let us know.
We like to have a large team so people can opt in and out as commitments allow.
We look forward to seeing you on 21 May.
The CRARA Committee, Email s e c r e ta r y@ c r a r a.o r g.u k