Quinn’s Hotel Demolished

The Victorian, Bargate stone-fronted building, at the
corner of Epsom and Albury Roads has gone.

Homes has been refused permission three times for a
block of flats on the site.

An inspector rejected plans
for a 12 bedroom development and the council refused

two applications for 10 bedrooms – one modern over

development, the other over development in a

traditional style.

Thankfully no one was distracted by
the design choice – over development was the issue!

There is a new application for a traditional 9
bedroom scheme with increased parking to

reduce the adverse impact of on-street
parking in neighbouring streets.

The scheme
includes a disguised flat roof to conceal solar

Last year we agreed we would like to see a
character building on this site and the important
trees retained.

What do you think?

perseverance paid off?

Tormead School – Progress?

Over the summer, Tormead constructed the coach drive-through that had been worked up in collaboration
with CRARA. Coaches no longer need to park along Cranley Road to drop off and pick up pupils. The
driveway has been designed in a way that allows the greatly valued tree screen along the front of the school
to be retained. The consensus is that taking the coaches off the road is making a difference to traffic flow.

The school is currently working on more detailed plans for a wall along its boundary with Tormead Road
residents. It was a condition of planning consent that this should be constructed before the school embarks
on the next stage of its building plans.

Garden Development Defeated in Aldersey Road

It was with great relief that we celebrated an important appeal
decision. For a third time, an application was made to develop in
the garden of Butterfly Cottage, 5 Aldersey Road. This time the
scheme involved a block of four flats to replace the current house,
two houses in the back garden and an access road alongside the
neighbour’s house. Previously this site had a lot of coverage in
the "garden grabbing" debate, featuring on Radio 4 and Panorama.

Quite by chance we had the same Inspector as before. Once
more, he agreed that intensive development of this garden plot,
including backland development, would be inappropriate. He was
concerned about the effect on character, established building lines
and amenity. This is a very useful planning decision that should
help us to resist garden development under new planning rules.

"adverse and harmful impact"
"failing to respect the spatial and layout characteristics which define both the character and
appearance of the surrounding residential area."
"harmful impact on local character and appearance and residential amenity considerations"
"significant and decisive concerns" that outweigh contribution to local residential land supply .