The “Clockless” Clockhouse Roundabout?

The Clockhouse, on the roundabout between London and Boxgrove Roads, is a
familiar landmark with its open green frontage, clock tower and statue. When
the site was acquired as a retirement home, the hope was that McCarthy and
Stone would come up with an imaginative and sensitive design for this
prominent site at the entry to Stoke Park and our residential area.

The Council refused permission for the disappointing scheme proposed which
would be set much further forward and continue into Boxgrove Road. It would
be four storeys high, flat roofed with no clock tower, and surrounded by tall dark
fencing right up against the pavement edge. CRARA objected.

The Council did not mount a very robust defence at the recent appeal inquiry.
The outcome is awaited. It was particularly troubling that the planners suggested
Guildford no longer has an approach of encouraging green character along routes
into Guildford. Thankfully our Councillors witnessed this!

Worn Away Roads

The new tarmac surface on Tormead Road gleams in ever more marked contrast to other roads in our area.
The combination of a wet winter following two freezing winters and heavy school traffic has left large areas
of our roads in a very sorry state. We hope that our local Surrey County Councillor, Mark Brett Warburton,
has us on his list and will be able to update us on what the council can do in places where the surface is so
broken up that patch repairs have limited effect.

Greenhays, Cranley Road

We met with the developers who bought Greenhays, the old Victorian house on Cranley Road that was until
recently used for children’s healthcare services. We persuaded the developers to opt for houses rather than a
block of flats. The version they showed us involved three pairs of large semi detached homes and somewhat
cramped parking at the front. We wait to see what their final application looks like. We have been very
careful to establish that the developers can say they have discussed their plans with us but not that they have
our support.