Round up of Local Issues

We have had a very busy year with various developments proposed in and around our area.

Lanesborough School – Fingers Crossed!

The school has applied for major expansion into the residential part of Maori Road. By the time of our
AGM, we should know whether our efforts to work with planners, the school, our ward Councillors and
neighbours to reduce the impact of the proposals have been successful.

Such was the scale and impact of the
planning application submitted that
we had no choice but to object. The
most controversial parts of the
current application are a massive
sports hall in a residential garden
and a very large and unattractive
flat- roofed changing and residential
block linking this to the existing

CRARA has worked closely with nearby residents to suggest how the school could develop the facilities it
wants in a way that would lessen the harmful impacts. We asked the planners to consider lifting the
requirement for a three bedroom flat to be included in the development. We proposed this would increase
the scope for amending the application to make it more acceptable in a residential setting.

At the time of going to press, the school has thanked us for our positive approach and is amending its plans.
Hopes are high that our major concerns will be met. We are very grateful to the School for its commitment
to working with residents to find a solution and for the helpful contribution of our Councillors.

Our objections to the current plans include:

1) The building would extend a very long way to
the rear. (This cross section shows the proposed
hall projecting much further back than the rear
building line of the current house at 12 Maori

2) The position and size of the sports hall would
have an unacceptable and overbearing impact in
the residential setting.

3) The large caretaker’s flat (which may no
longer be a requirement) and changing rooms
would be major development in their own right,
out of character and cause overlooking.

Would a flat roof
design like this
normally be given
permission in Maori

Let’s hope this list of
concerns can be
confined to the archive