Latymer House (No 9) Maori Road

Latymer House is a large Victorian Villa dating from 1897.

Latymer House

Stained Glass Window


29th June 1854 Indenture, Mary Harriet Ann Onslow

30th June 1879 Statutory Declaration, Susanna Augusta Arabella Onslow to William Hillier.

19th November 1879 Release of Indenture by Mary Harriet Ann Onslow to William Hillier.

30th November 1897

Conveyance; William Hillier Earl of Onslow to Robert Wood (Builder) of North Street Guildford.

Two pieces of land in Maori Road for £592 and 5 shillings. The attached map, from the conveyance, shows the two plots.

The conveyance describes Maori Road as a new road and granted a right of way along Cranley Road from Cross Lanes to Maori Road.

Robert Wood created two new titles for No 9 Dallington Lodge and No 11 Lyndale.

Robert and Harriet Wood lived at No 11 Lyndale. The map also shows that Mr Henry Lumsden Forbes owned the land to the south upon which was built Invery. This was demolished to make way for Easington place. The land to the north was owned by Mr George Baxter and became Cranley Lodge.

In 1899 Robert Wood bought land on the other side of Maori Road and started to build large villas. In 1904 he bought land on the east side of Aldersey Road and started to build large villas.

08th August 1902

Conveyance; Robert Wood to Harriett Wood of Lyndale Maori Road (husband to wife).

18th September 1913

Will: Harriett Wood made a will, leaving Lyndale and Dallington Lodge to her son Robert Leslie Wood.

20th June 1918

Harriett Wood of Lyndale, Maori Road, dies, leaving Lyndale and Dallington Lodge to her son Robert Leslie Wood. The Transfer Assent is dated 28th November 1918.

 Up to this date there has been no sale of Dallington Lodge. It is possible that Robert Leslie Wood lived there or that it was let. Farther and son were both builders and were building villas in both Maori and Aldersey roads. It is likely that they used their two original properties as their base.

17th August 1926

Conveyance; Mr Robert Leslie Wood (builder) of Merrylands, Warren Road, sold Dallington Lodge to Mrs Ena Mary Foot.

At this point Robert Leslie Wood was living in Warren Road. Mrs Foot renamed the property “Beaulieu”.

27th May 1949

Conveyance; Mrs Ena M Foot to Mr & Mrs George L Peace.

At some point, Mr and Mrs Peace divided the house into three flats

  1. Ground and first floor Maisonette
  2. First floor flat
  3. Second floor flat

22nd October 1963

Conveyance; Mr and Mrs G L Peace to Mrs B V Hadden for £7,950 with two sitting tenants on the first and second floors.

Vera Hadden also owned No 8 Maori Road and one or two other local houses. These were run as a nursing home.


Conveyance; Mrs B V Hadden to Mr Weames,

House renamed Latymer House


Conveyance; Mr Weames to Mr Chris Beckett