Maori Road

Maori Road was developed  in the late Victorian/Edwardian era, with large villas in large gardens. The Line of Lime Trees which begins in Cranley Road, continues up Maori Road as far as Easington place.

Mature trees and shrubs in the gardens on both sides of the road contribute to the leafy character of the road.

Maori Road was named to celebrate the Earl of Onslow’s Maori connections. He was Governor of New Zealand from 1889 to 1892, during which time there was a volcanic eruption which destroyed the Maori village of Te Wairoa. The Maori Meeting House called Hinemihi was one of the few buildings to survive. The Earl of Onslow purchased the Maori Meeting House, which was shipped home and rebuilt in Clandon Park.

Prior to the New Railway Line, opened in 1867, this area was a part of Watford Farm.

In 1895 William Hiller, the 4th Earl of Onslow, sold two large parcels of land on the west side of newly laid out Maori Road.

The first plot was sold to George Baxter.  The plot extended along the south side of Cranley Road from Cross Lanes, up to the newly laid out Maori Road. This was a large plot and it included Cranley Lodge and what was later to become numbers 13, 15, 17, & 19 Maori Road.

The second plot was sold to Henry Lumsden Forbes. The plot extended from Cross Lanes along Epsom Road (then called Merrow Road) and down the Maori Road. This large plot included Invery, a large Victorian villa, demolished in the 1960's to build Easington Place.

In  1897 William Hillier, sold the land in the middle of the western side of Maori Road to a Builder, Mr Robert Wood. He built two villas (no 9 and No 11), for himself and his son Robert Leslie Wood.

In 1899 Robert Wood bought the land on the east side of Maori Road and built a three more villas. In 1904 he bought land in the new Aldersey Road and built four more villas.

In the 1963 Mrs B Vera Hadden bought a number of villas, including No 8 and No 9 and ran them as a nursing home until 1975.

Markam House was run as a retirement home until 1999 when it was purchased by Lanesborough school.