Fielders Green (Public Open Space)

The number of large gardens with mature trees and shrubbery gives the impression of open space. However, the only public open space in the area, is Fielders Green.

This impression of open space is under threat from urban intensification. Not only from insensitive redevelopment, but also from the gardens being hard surfaced to provide off street parking.

Stoke Park lies to the north, but is cut off by the railway line. Access is via the two bridges on Cross Lanes and Boxgrove. It is more than half a mile (860m) from the centre of the area (Junction of Hillier Road with Cranley Road, after which you have to cross the busy London Road.

The Downs lie more than half a mile to the south (995m) across the busy Epsom Road.

The lack of accessible open space is a serious concern for high density developments (50 dph and above) which do not provide gardens for children to play in.