Cranley Road

This is a view of Cranley Road looking East from its junction with Cross Lanes.

The Lime trees on the right hand side were planted around 1900 and continue around the corner and up Moari Road This is one of two remaining rows in Guildford. The other is a short section in London Road near the junction with Waterden Road.

Note that the trees on the left hand side were removed when Hilgay was redeveloped in the 1960's

The 1873 Ordnance survey shows no roads in the area. Both Watford Farm and Pit Farm had access from London Road

The new railway opened in 1885. This cut off access to Watford Farm and the chalk pits at Pit Farm. Cranley Road and Pit Farm Road were created to provide access to the farms from Cross Lanes in the West and Epsom Road (then Merrow Road) to the South. The Earl of Onslow owned the land and Cranley is one of their family names.

In 1895 William Hiller, the 4th Earl of Onslow, sold the plot of land on the south side of Cranley Road , next to Cross Lanes and down to what would become Maori Road, to George Baxter. This was to become Cranley Lodge.

The 1896 Ordnance Survey shows Cross Lanes, together with Lower Edgeborough Road, Cranley Road and Pit Farm Road.