Cranley Lodge, No 2 Cranley Road

In 1895 William Hiller, the 4th Earl of Onslow, sold the plot of land on the south side of Cranley Road , next to Cross Lanes and down to what would become Maori Road, to George Baxter. This was to become Cranley Lodge.

Cranley Lodge is an ornate Late Victorian/Edwardian villa shown on the 1914 map. Like 95 Epsom Road this house features a turret and a typical Victorian Roofscape with a number of subroofs and featuring prominent chimneys.

The walls are mainly the local orange brick and feature areas of timber frame and stucco. The house retains its ornate Victorian Porch.

The house is currently dived into 10 flats and Cranley Lodge Cottage.

The Coach House and Groundsmans cottage are now a separate properties "The White Cottage" and "Vanners"