CRARA Guide to Planning

The CRARA Guide to planning is intended for residents who are faced with a planning application which affects them. The guide describes the planning process, the various documents that define the planning policy. The guide explains the relevant grounds for objection and how to object, should you wish to.

Version 2 is now available, incorporating comments from our members and the ward councillors.

View or download version 2 of the guide here:  CRARA Guide to Planning v2.pdf

Planning Policy Statements (PPS) are statutory policy statements issued by the ministry of Communities and Local Government (formerly The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister). They are taking over from Planning Policy Guidelines PPG. There are around 25 of them covering  Sustainable Development PPS1, Housing PPS3, Biodiversity PPS9.

View or download from Communities and Local Government

The South East Plan is issued by SEERA, the South East England Regional Assembly.

View or download the South East Plan as a series of documents at SEERA

Guildford Borough Council are responsible for the local plan and Supplementary Planning Guidelines SPGs. Currently this is the Guildford Local Plan (2003) but in March 2007 the Local Plan will be superseded by the Guildford Development Framework GDF.

The planning department puts all planning applications, drawings and correspondence on the web. They can be viewed searched and downloaded free. They can also be viewed at the Council Offices in Millmead, However, they charge for printing.

You can view or download the local planning document and planning applications from Guildford Borough Council


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