Cranley Road

The Cranley Road Area is a residential area to the east of Guildford (UK). It lies to the south of Stoke Park and is bounded on the west by Cross Lanes an ancient green lane, Epsom Road to the south and Boxgrove Road to the east.

Maps from 1896 show Cranley Road running from Cross Lanes, through the fields of Watford Farm to Pit Farm Road, named after the chalk pit. Maori Road and Aldersey Road are shown as tracks, neither is named nor are there any houses.

By 1914 Maori Road is populated with large Victorian villas, most of which stand today.

The east side of Aldersey Road  has been developed with Edwardian villas and Hiller Road is shown as undeveloped. By 1935 the roads looked much as they do today with the exception of Tormead Road which was added in the 1950's to link Cranley Road to Boxgrove Road.

In the early to mid 1900's there were several developments in Cranley Close, Watford Close and Hilgay Close adding a number of family homes with large gardens. Since 1950 there has been the development of Springfield Close and Fielders Green. Throughout these developments the area has retained its character as a "Garden Suburb" of Guildford.

The area is also home to the Pit Farm Tennis Club and two schools, Tormead School for Girls and Lanesborough, prep school for boys.

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Government Inspectors are recommending that Guildford be the target for above average growth, with both Town Cramming and expansion into the green belt. Read more about this threat in the Guildford Local Plan

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